It’s not your fault!

You hate yourself for the mistakes they made.
Imperfections are natural, rather to be taken with a pinch of salt,
For the times they failed you 'IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT'!
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Loving Yourself – Get to the basics!

We all go through several phases in life when it becomes difficult for us to believe in ourselves. Such phases bring doubt, chaos, commotion and most importantly self-hate. Therefore, it is very important for us to accept our imperfections and cherish them in order to become a better and happier human being. Here are a few simple yet important ways in which you can accept and love your identity even in the face of utmost uncertainties and failures.

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Every once in a while
there comes a wave
demanding and different.
It feeds on the existing practices
of what we call civilization and culture.
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Colour Of Love

My childhood was filled with magic
miracles being created
in existence of every single being.
When you're a kid every life is a wonder
feelings of innocence and love
not bound by range of colours.
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A saviour can be anyone or rather say anything. It might be a person, a possession or even an activity; something which gives us peace. This peace is quite different from the peace of mind. We look for peace of our soul.
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She’s Beautiful!

Over the years history has seen her suffer, resist, fight and evolve. Yet she was beautiful in each role she played. She has loved as a mother, fought as a sister, supported as a wife and led as a woman.
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The world in your mind
is only yours to claim
it may be twisted and wild
not bound to make any sense.
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Change the Perspective

Change is the only constant thing in the world. True! No matter how much you resist these changes, you do accept them whether knowingly or unknowingly.
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