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Since the time I was a child I hated changes. I would just loath the idea of changing my habits, my routine, my choices or my lifestyle. However, as I grew up I never realized that I have been constantly changing my life without ever meaning to. It was then the thought dawned upon me that how many of us do actually live our lives as per our wishes, without compromising or without changing. Change is the only constant thing in the world. True! No matter how much you resist these changes, you do accept them whether knowingly or unknowingly.

However, the most important question here which I have been asking myself is why do we change? Why do we accept these changes so easily when we know that we don’t wish to? Howsoever complex this question may seem, the answer is very simple. We change because we want to be happy, we value our happiness more than any other thing and we wish to make things easy and beautiful for those we love. Change is not necessary yet it is essential. Over the years, I have seen people around me changing their beliefs, their opinions and even their priorities not because they had to, but because they valued their survival and satisfaction more than their ego or their stubbornness! Sometimes we do accept other’s accusations or their anger without being at fault because after living with them for so long we do know that they would never mean to hurt us, and that’s exactly where we change ourselves. Consider children, they would never accept a false accusation or remain silent when not at fault. However, as that child grows up, he realizes it’s not appropriate to always speak up, sometimes silence does the work better. That’s a major change but it takes place slowly and gradually and the child becomes an adult over the years. His choices change, his opinions take a concrete shape, but moreover his priorities are restructured. He changes his ways, his lifestyle, his ideas and his behavior. That child becomes a mature person changing everyday, every moment, without ever noticing.

That’s the beauty of change! You may hate it, loath it, curse it, even deny it, but you can’t escape it. So if this change is going to take place then why not embrace it! The idea may sound tough but it is really easy once decided to be acted upon. The only way to guarantee long-term happiness and peace is to accept all the changes that come your way. However, keeping your individuality intact with your principles is the real challenge. But I bet that the risk is worth taking because accepting these changes only makes you a better person, someone you can be really proud of. And at the end of the day when that child looks into the mirror he realizes the entire process of changes that he has gone through over the years, it gives him immense pleasure to know that he has become the person he always wished for and that ecstatic feeling is worth it all!

Changes are beautiful indeed, you just need the eyes to admire them and the courage to accept them. 

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