The world in your mind
is only yours to claim
it may be twisted and wild
not bound to make any sense.
Wonder for butterflies
to paint the sky with pretty shades
and wish to find sunshine
sparkling in depths of seabeds.
Crave for cool gentle breeze
to bring back treasured memories
and hunt for stars
under the shelter of colourful canopies.
Go on crazy rides
seeking to reach the clouds
and dance at the end of rainbow
with the pot of gold you found.
Try to draw constellations
in the vastness of seas
and strive to jump higher 
than the highest mountain peaks.
Swim with the fishes
fly with the birds
ride the mystiques of unicorns
make friends with coy leopards.
Explore the skies
go deeper in the roots
shiver in snow falls
step in rain
without  umbrella and boots.
Devour street junk food
enjoy lousy dinners
celebrate grandly for all
losers or winners.
The world in you mind
is an exquisite place
don’t attempt to shut it down
for the fear of bringing disgrace.
Plant the flowers
they think are not so pretty
buy a ticket to your dreamland
in exchange for reality!

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