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Today, as I was contemplating about the intricacies of human nature, I happened to realize that we all at some point in our lives search for a saviour. A saviour can be anyone or rather say anything. It might be a person, a possession or even an activity; something which gives us peace. This peace is quite different from the peace of mind. We look for peace of our soul. We strive for achieving the peace of our hearts. We search for a saviour to protect our soul, repair it and love it. No matter how strong we consider ourselves to be, that strength only supports the peace that the logical part of our brain demands. Our hearts, our souls, they need something more rare and challenging. They need love, tenderness, care and acceptance.

We long to be accepted. Our souls desire to find acceptance in someone or something. Only then can we achieve peace and happiness of our inner being. We constantly look for a saviour who can love the raw, bare, naked soul of ours without any modification or adulteration. A saviour who can give us the courage to accept ourselves the way we are, so that we can learn to be at peace with our inner self. For some that saviour can be in form of a family member, a friend or a lover, for some it might be an item which they hold dear and for others it might be an activity or hobby which allows them to escape the harshness of the world, be at peace and satisfaction with themselves and mend their broken souls.

I truly believe that we all need a saviour in order to be able to love ourselves a little more. That’s the beauty of nature, it has made humans to exist together being dependent on each other. Despite being strong and tough, they do need each other’s love and care to be able to survive with peace and happiness!

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