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They say he is strong, but they fail to see the strength of sacrifices hidden in her eyes. They say he is tough, but they fail to see the smile on her face enduring the pain in her heart. They say he is more decisive but seldom do they acknowledge the boldness of her decisions. Over the years history has seen her suffer, resist, fight and evolve. Yet she was beautiful in each role she played. She has loved as a mother, fought as a sister, supported as a wife and led as a woman. She has been magnanimous in all the forms undertaken. Nothing came easy for her, yet she smiled. Always in the face of difficulties she danced. Her wildness is beautiful, her craziness is beautiful, her smile is beautiful and her courage is beautiful.

A woman is like an ocean. She has a heart full of love. All she knows is to give, she can give all that she contains within to those she loves the most. She is like soft rain, showering our lives with affection and care. She is filled with tenderness and all she has learnt to give is pure love. She sees no distinction, she has no reservations, once she sets upon something it becomes her life. A woman is the most fascinating creature. She is soft and full of love for everyone, yet she is strong. Her courage never dies, no matter how tough life becomes. A woman is the perfect example of a strong will power, for you may throw all challenges at her and still she’ll come out as a conqueror. She has never learnt to give up and that adds to her everlasting beauty.

One may think of beauty as something that pleases the eye, but from where I look a woman is always beautiful. The determination with which she eyes her goal, the dedication with which she moves towards it and the passion with which she works for it is what makes her rule. Every piece of her soul is beautiful because when it comes to a woman she is much more than just a pretty face, she is a magnificent being filled with colours of grandeur. Every woman is beautiful, it doesn’t matter what her age is, or what colour her skin bears. Her smile illuminates the surroundings, when she talks she owns the room and when she walks the jaws drop! Each woman is a beautiful creation sent on Earth to add to its beauty. She deserves love because she is living to give more. She deserves to be cared for, but most importantly she deserves to be respected. She is pure and gorgeous from within and is worthy of all the happiness as she knows how to give all her being for the happiness of her precious ones.

So, kudos to each and every woman out there who is beautiful in every way. This is to all those women who have brightened the lives of people around them, who have always given out love bearing the bruises on their own hearts, those who have smiled in all difficult situations and those who have emerged as conquerors leading the way. Each of them is beautiful because beauty is not what pleases the eye, it is rather what elates the heart, and this beauty is immortal!

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