Image Source Pinterest

Image Source Pinterest

My childhood was filled with magic
miracles being created
in existence of every single being.
When you’re a kid every life is a wonder
feelings of innocence and love
not bound by range of colours.
Do we realise while growing up
that we are growing apart as well?
Distancing ourselves from magic
we fail to accept ‘Love’ in its various shades.

Love is coloured in ‘Red’
for it’s strong, intense and passionate.
You may break cages with its strength
there is nothing its energy cannot challenge.

Love is coloured in ‘Blue’
for it’s reflective as fresh morning dew.
There’s tranquility in its being
cool and calm, peaceful and so serene.

Love is coloured in ‘Green’
for it’s gentle and organic.
It connects you with the life’s roots
making you heal and grow being restful.

Love is coloured in ‘Orange’
for it’s warm and aware
of its loyalty and happiness
bringing laughter, joy and lively daze.

Love is coloured in ‘Yellow’
brightly patient during moments of sorrow.
It’s the source of your powerful glow
the secret that hepls your wisdom grow.

Love is coloured in ‘Violet’
blessed with powers to prosper and create.
There’s selflessness in its creation
maintaining the royalty and luxuries of ambition.

Love is coloured in both ‘Black and White’
it’s the presence and the absence
filled endlessly both in day and night
plain and simple yet mysterious and complicated
fresh and pure, classy and elegant.

Love is every colour and every shade
Love is every human and in every fate
Love is you and me
it’s in every life, you see.
We don’t get to decide the colours of love
it’s a gift from nature, more than we deserve.
Next time you see the adult in you
being judgemental and senseless
let him visit his days of childhood innocence
where love was a victory over rain
where ‘Rainbow’ was
the most gorgeous form of paint!


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