What is perfect,
if not just a little bit rough around the edges.
What is consistency,
if not just a continuous struggle to change as per the changing dynamics.
What is efficiency,
if not just a little bit of mischief blended in the long nights of perseverance and hard work.
What is beauty,
if not embracing the past scars and existing in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes.
What is happiness,
if not just perfectly balanced with a pinch of gloom and maybe handful of sadness.
What is love,
if not capable of hurt and aching hatred.
What is peace,
if not arriving after a little struggle and a period of combating the unrest.
What is good,
if not a victory over the bad that had always secretly existed.
What is life,
if not a few chance encounters with death and a journey witnessing love, loss and pain.
It is all related,
for perfection can never so surely be claimed.
For what is perfection,
if not just a process of polishing the flaws to keep on changing the faces of an imperfect base.
It may change faces and switch colours,
it may change places and toggle as per the changing expectations.
Yet it will remain,
in some form or the another,
to remind us that there’s still a piece missing,
to keep us in love with the process of perfecting.
Flaws are pretty and the scars are lovely,
because what is time,
if not adorned with the jewels of memory!

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