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Indulge in a world full of ecstasy where words will teach, guide and also heal. Ranging from articles on general life to reviews of movies, books, series and a section full of poetic pleasure, we promise to provide you a getaway from the mundane routine and take out sometime for your merriment. Happy Reading!

Latest from the Blog

  • The Hands that Fed Me
    The hands that fed me
    slept hungry for nights
    struggling for survival they
    had been bruised in many fights.
    The hands that fed me
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  • Good Will Hunting – Movie Review

    Good Will Hunting with a very beautifully crafted story line, stellar performances by the entire cast and heart touching dialogues presents to you the journey of a teenager into the world of Mathematics.
    It presents to you a simple story of an ordinary young boy with an extraordinary talent. A boy born with a gift that even the best of people acquire after years of relentless hard work decides to let it all go because he is too scared of giving up what he has today.
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  • It’s not your fault!
    You hate yourself for the mistakes they made.
    Imperfections are natural, rather to be taken with a pinch of salt,
    For the times they failed you ‘IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT’!
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