The Hands that Fed Me

The hands that fed me
slept hungry for nights
struggling for survival they
had been bruised in many fights.
The hands that fed me
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It’s not your fault!

You hate yourself for the mistakes they made.
Imperfections are natural, rather to be taken with a pinch of salt,
For the times they failed you 'IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT'!
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Colour Of Love

My childhood was filled with magic
miracles being created
in existence of every single being.
When you're a kid every life is a wonder
feelings of innocence and love
not bound by range of colours.
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A saviour can be anyone or rather say anything. It might be a person, a possession or even an activity; something which gives us peace. This peace is quite different from the peace of mind. We look for peace of our soul.
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She’s Beautiful!

Over the years history has seen her suffer, resist, fight and evolve. Yet she was beautiful in each role she played. She has loved as a mother, fought as a sister, supported as a wife and led as a woman.
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